Flooring Mountain Frequently Asked Questions

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a man made product consisting of four main layers. The top layer is constructed from a protective laminate film, the second layer takes the form of a decorative paper printed with an authentic replication of real wood, the third layer is a HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) core and finally the fourth layer; a balancing paper on the base.

Due to the advancements in manufacturing technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between a laminate and a genuine timber floor.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

  • DIY friendly
  • Easy to install click system
  • No glue required for traditional layouts
  • Warm underfoot
  • Relatively scratch resistant when compared to real wood surfaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Extensive range of designs and formats

Engineered Wood Flooring

For a floor to be considered an engineered wood floor the top layer must be constructed from real wood (most types of engineered wood flooring uses oak but other variants do exist). The second layer in engineered flooring is a core board - this can take the form of a single layer in the case of 3-ply engineered flooring or could have multiple layers if the product is multi-ply. And lastly, on the bottom of the plank there is a base layer added for stability.  

Due to the multiple layers involved in its construction, the stability of engineered wood flooring is not as affected by changes in temperature and moisture levels as genuine wood can be.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Unique look with every floor
  • Products featuring a click system are easy to install
  • Lacquered finish offers excellent durability whilst oiled finishes brings out the grain and detail
  • Less costly than a solid wood floor
  • Top layer ( wear layer) can be sanded if necessary
  • Warm underfoot

Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Luxury vinyl click flooring is a man-made product that is thinner than laminate flooring but is equally as hardwearing. Ranging in thicknesses from 3mm to 6mm, luxury vinyl click flooring is usually made from either PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or SPC (stone-plastic composite). Both PVC and SPC are waterproof hardwearing constructions however SPC offers better stability due to the stone component.

Luxury vinyl click flooring is very easy to install as it can be cut with a utility knife and does not require an electric saw to cut unlike some other hard flooring options. This together with an easy install click system makes luxury vinyl the ideal floor covering for a DIY project.

Benefits of Luxury Click Vinyl

  • Waterproof  - giving peace of mind on spills & pet messes
  • Easy to install 
  • No glue needed
  • Warm underfoot
  • Incredibly durable
  • Low maintenance



AC Rating

Laminate flooring is graded using AC (Abrasion Criteria) rating. At Flooring Mountain we only offer floors rated AC3 or higher.

  • AC3 Domestic
  • AC4 Heavy Domestic
  • AC5 Commercial

Click System

Designed for easy DIY installation, click is a quick and simple locking system mainly used in floating floors (specific products may also require the use of adhesive however).

Floating Floor

A floating floor is a floor that does need to be attached to the subfloor using adhesive, nails or screws.

In-built Underlay

In-built underlay is pre-attached to the back of a flooring product making installation easier. Flooring products with this feature do not not require any additional underlay to be purchased.

Lacquered Finish

A lacquered finish offers increased durability and resistance to stains and marks on real wood floors.

Oiled Finish

An oiled finish offers a more natural look, bringing out the finer detail in the grain and knots.

PVC Construction

 PVC  (polyvinyl chloride) is a 100% water resistant/proof material from which the majority of luxury vinyl flooring products are constructed.

Ultimtec Finish

Creates the effect of an oiled floor, bringing out the details of the wood effect and providing the durability and resistance of a lacquered finish.


All floating flooring must be installed with an underlay beneath it to give it support, stability, help with noise reduction, and to support the locking systems in between planks to assure the sturdiest installation.


Sapwood consists of the outer layers of the tree crown; this appears as a light streak on the floor planks giving the floor a more natural appearance.

SPC Construction

A 100% water resistant/proof luxury vinyl floor with a core constructed from stone plastic composite including up 70% limestone content. Its composition provides stability and makes the material impervious to temperature fluctuations, meaning that vinyl constructed from SPC is suitable for use in conservatories.

Wear Layer

The wear layer is the surface layer of the flooring. In the case of luxury vinyl flooring, the wear layer consists of a protective film that varies in thickness from one product type to another. For engineered wood flooring this is a layer of solid wood which can be sanded and re-varnished as and when required.