How to Choose the Right Underlay for Your Flooring

What is underlay?

Underlay is a thin layer of cushioning material that sits between the subfloor and your chosen flooring to provide extra comfort and protection.

What are the benefits of using underlay?

Underlay can have a big impact on the look and feel of your flooring. Its benefits include:

> Soundproofing – reducing the sound of footsteps and echoes

> Providing cushioning underfoot

> Evening out the subfloor and hiding small imperfections

> Creating a moisture barrier to protect your flooring from the water rising from the subfloor

> Insulating – warming the home and helping you save money on energy bills

What types of underlay are there?

There is a large selection of underlay to choose from, the most common being:

> 2mm clear underlay (no protective membrane)

> 2mm silver underlay (protective membrane)

> 3mm gold underlay (protective membrane)

Always make sure the colour side of your underlay is facing down towards the ground.

What is the best type of underlay for laminate flooring?

The 2mm clear underlay and the 2mm silver underlay are the best to use with laminate flooring as they help to protect from high impact damage and provide shock absorption from heavy footfall, which could otherwise cause wear and tear over time.

What is the best type of underlay for engineered wood flooring?

The 3mm gold underlay would be the best for engineered wood flooring, as the damp-proof membrane will help to protect from water damage such as warping.

What is the best type of underlay for luxury vinyl flooring?

Similarly to laminate flooring, 2mm clear and 2mm silver would be best for LVT flooring. However, we do have a range of LVT flooring here at Flooring Mountain that has in-built underlay to save you the time, money and effort laying it separately.

Above, Paris Natural Dark Oak Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring 5mm