How to Clean Engineered Wood, Laminate and LVT Flooring

So you’ve fitted your new flooring? Hooray! Whether you’ve chosen engineered wood, laminate or LVT flooring, you’ll need to know how to clean and maintain it so that it looks just as good in the future as it does now.

Here at Flooring Mountain, we want to make sure that your flooring is beautiful and functional, so we’ve made a handy guide on how to clean it efficiently and effectively.

Please note that this is a brief guide on how to clean engineered wood, laminate and LVT flooring. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide before you begin the cleaning process.

What you need:

> Dual-purpose mop
> Easy shine floor cleaner (engineered wood and laminate)
> Luxury vinyl floor cleaner (LVT)

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Things to keep in mind

Never use harsh chemicals, detergents or abrasive materials, like steel wool, to clean your flooring.

Always check the label of any products that you buy to make sure they’re safe to use.

Don’t forget to wipe up any spills or liquid as soon as it happens as excessive water or liquid can cause irreversible damage to most flooring.

It’s strongly advised that you do not use a steam mop to clean your flooring as this could allow moisture to get under the floor and cause it to lift.

Cleaning your flooring

Go over your flooring with a brush or a hoover to remove any debris – this will help you to avoid making any scratches on the surface.

Spray the appropriate cleaner on the surface of the flooring and glide the dual-purpose mop along the surface.

Above, Barcelona Light Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

Tips on maintaining your flooring

Use furniture pads under any table and chair legs.

Place doormats all around the entrances leading into your room.

Don’t allow high heels or spiked footwear to walk across your flooring.

Make sure pets nails are trimmed and filed so that they don’t scratch your flooring.

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